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The Need for Employees to Stay Safe and Healthy While at Workplace
The Need for Employees to Stay Safe and Healthy While at Workplace

The Need for Employees to Stay Safe and Healthy While at Workplace

Employees are one of the most valuable assets of a business or company. Therefore, ensuring their environmental health and safety ought to be a priority for any serious business. Many companies have a workplace wellness and safety program. Most of the time, the two programs operate independently of one another. However, there are some convincing reasons to combine the two to allow employees to benefit from a more holistic, global approach to stay safe and healthy while at the workplace.

To entirely deal with the issues of workplace safety, businesses require looking at whether employees are performing their work safely and whether they are fit and healthy enough to carry out their tasks without a high risk of injury. Problems such as poor physical fitness, obesity, and inadequate nutrition can make it more difficult for workers to continue with their particular tasks at the workplace.

Employees Health vs. Safety


According to various researches, obese people stand at a higher risk for occupational well-being issues and injuries. When obese employees are exposed to chemicals at work, they are at higher risk for occupational heart, asthma, and lung issues than non-obese employees. Additionally, obese people are at a greater risk for ergonomic problems and biomechanical issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

If businesses focus on safety at the workplace without addressing the obesity concerns, the bigger issue remains. An integrated approach that combines occupational safety measures with health initiatives that stress weight control and good nutrition offers a more effective solution to the issue at hand.


Health programs play a crucial role in safety. Those programs that focus on smoking cessation, stress reduction, and alcohol, drug, and substance-related issues are as well important for workplace safety. According to research, smokers happen to be at a higher risk of being injured in the workplace than non-smokers. The risk of injury even doubles among women.

Stress does more than just affecting employees psychologically. It skyrockets employees’ risk of being injured while at the workplace. Employees who come to work while under stress from issues at home are distracted and less able to concentrate on their work.

Combining stress management into workplace safety programs can help in reducing the number of injuries and encourage employees to be more productive.

Final Thought

Integrating environmental health and safety at the workplace has many benefits for both employers and employees. It helps in creating a healthier, safer, and more productive work environment, and that’s something any businesses should be working for.

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