manual driving lessons Sunshine Coast

The learning car driving is a fun thing to do but for the beginners, it can be a difficult thing to understand how to drive and handle the car on the road.

If you are willing to learn driving then you must try to take the manual driving lessons Sunshine Coast. Cars have many functions and technical aspects that you must be learned before driving the car on the road otherwise you can face an accident. As a beginner, you have to get information about different parts of the car.

You must know about the brakes, accelerator, and pedals because they may seem simple but when it comes to handling them, it can be tricky. You must know when to press the brakes to stop or decrease the speed of the car. You must use the accelerator for increasing the engine reverses and it can cause you to enhance the speed if you will press it firmly. The more you will press the accelerator firmly, the more it will enhance the speed.

These are the things that are necessary for the new drivers to know about during the Driving Lessons Sunshine Coast.

  • First, get into the car and put the seatbelt. You must wear the seatbelt for your safety and it is also the traffic rule which must be followed.
  • Now, put the keys into the ignition and turn it for starting the car engine.
  • Put the clutch pedal downwards or on the left and move the gear into the first gear.
  • Now, use your right foot for pressing the accelerator gently for increasing the engine reverse very nicely.
  • You need to slowly lift the clutch pedal using your left foot until the car engine start and start to vibrate.
  • The vibration of starting the car is known as bite point and this is the point when the clutch plates will start to come together.
  • You have to remove the handbrake and then the car will start to move forward slowly.
  • You can increase the speed of the car by raising the foot off the clutch and use the accelerator pedal.
  • If you will lift your foot very quickly and you will not give enough reverses to the car, the car will stand. The engine will cut off and the red light will start to glow at the dashboard.
  • If the car engine will stop then you need to repeat the whole process again for re-starting the car.

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